IAA Italy announces the signing of the "Manifesto in favor of Digital Advertising"

On May 6, the Italy Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) together with IAB Spain, IAB Portugal, IAB Greece, Netcomm, UNA, AEA announced the signing of the "Manifesto in favor of Digital Advertising".

The manifesto analyzes the impact that the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) may have on the digital advertising market in Europe.

Twenty years after the transposition of the directive (31/2000) on e-commerce, the European Commission has decided to renew the regulatory system regarding European digital services by putting forward the legislative proposals called Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.

These proposals will impact the advertising industry in Europe and beyond. It aims to modernize the current legislation in which the country of origin principle and the limited liability for intermediaries apply. For the online advertising industry, key considerations include the need to ensure relevance and effectiveness for advertisers and the ability for publishers and creators to earn a living from the content they create. 

In this context, seven international associations representing different parts of the advertising industry met to define a set of guiding principles for policymakers to consider in the legislative process to safeguard the functions of the advertising industry. These principles are presented in the manifesto.


The common goal reflects the will to work together to ensure clear regulation that promotes innovation and growth for both users and brands. To this end, the rules should not discourage or limit the digitization of the European Union, the European Union must ensure that the new rules do not add undue costs and burdens for European companies of all sizes.

Therefore, the five guiding principles that make up the "Manifesto in favor of digital advertising", drawn up in common agreement between the signing associations should be taken into consideration.

To receive the copy of the manifesto, please click here and email segreteria@iaaitalychapter.it

To know more about DSA and DMA watch this video and the webinar on YouTube