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In times of rapid change, IAA taps into its expert members in different sectors of the marketing communications industry from all around the world, to share their predictions for the year. In the next 2 months we’ll roll out the "IAA LeadersView Forecast 2022" campaign. Some of our most seasoned experts in the industry will share their take on what this year will bring and how brands should rethink their 2022 marketing strategies in response.

Please join our network and share your ideas on what type of expert advice you think we should share to help your business"

"In the last couple of years brands, consumers, families and nations have been uncertain … about everything. This year, one thing is certain … we are moving on. All of us. Crawling, walking or running we will all come to the realization that there’s only one way … and that’s forward!"

Joel E. Nettey,

World President & Chairman,

IAA Global

“Increased concerns about protecting the earth is going to lead to marketers increasing their reliance on environmental marketing claims, which will, in turn, lead to new rules and increased enforcement from regulators and from our advertising self-regulatory bodies.”

Jeffrey Greenbaum,

Managing Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz
Chairman, Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance

"According to DESI 2021, Italy shows that it still has a long way to go in terms of digital skills. There is an urgent need for digital-related figures in Italy. The training of new figures and a strategy to refresh existing profiles are central in a moment of great digital transformation like the one we are witnessing."

Rosella Serra,

Advertising Industry Relations Manager, Google

"Localization of content has ruled the roost last year and will continue to be a defining trend in 2022 as well. There’s an upswing in viewing demand coming in from non-urban India and the year ahead will witness an increased focus on preferred languages that will not just be limited to content but other allied services like UIs and subtitles.Alongside, SVOD would continue to grow aggressively with increasing cohorts of audiences choosing to pay for good content. I believe the right synergy of compelling content and price point would be the key in attracting a bigger share of consumers. Needless to say, differentiated programming would be imperative to add to a brand's competitive advantage.
However, with the proliferation of digital, linear would also witness an upward rise, building further on last year's growth. As both the platforms stand to coexist, content will emerge as the biggest differentiating factor, with viewer preferences transcending languages and geographies. To summarize, TV & Digital will grow and Content will glow!"

Megha Tata,

Managing Director, South Asia - Discovery Communications

“There are many ways to advertise. It is a complex Art. However, when used wisely, advertising can be a very powerful tool. Advertising is a weapon, use it to change the world!"

Pascal Cübb,

President, IAA France
CEO/Founder, Sunglasses
Producer, "Chatons d'Or"

“Forget going back to normal, focus on being relevant to a changed consumer world where choices are more conscious and where authentic brand stories will resonate more than ever”

Douglas Palau,

Area VP Middle East, IAA
Managing Consultant, Vitamin C Group, Dubai

“Advertising and marketing powers the sharing of information. It’s never been more important for the industry to be respected for its key role, and use its forces to foster truth
The post-pandemic world will evolve into a “Renaissance” of entrepreneurial successes, and advertising, with new opportunities, will grow exponentially.”

Carla Michelotti,

Founder, Strategic Marketing and Regulatory Consultancy, Carla Michelotti, LLC

“Everything changes again in 2022: Metaverse, Cookieless, NFTs, DAOs, Web3 force us to constantly adapt to the environment where the upskilling and reskilling of professionals is going to be key”

Manuel Álvarez de la Gala,

Global Head of Digital Strategy, Havas Group

“We are seeing an air of optimism with a cloud of volatility on the horizon. Our job is to make sure we make the most of that air and be resilient with that cloud as much as we can.”

Asad ur Rehman,

Executive Board, IAA UAE
Director of Media and Digital Hubs,
Unilever (MENA, Turkey, and Russia)

"There are two constants that will endure for some time to come. "Digital" will continue its relentless march and occupy more mindspace in every facet of our life. Be it media or payments or tech innovations.
The other is the concept of the Global MarketPlace. I refrain from calling it the global village because while technology has shrunk the world, the last few years have shown us that the global marketplace is one where the strong flows and ebbs of language, nationalism, and ethnicity will still play their important roles. The wise marketer plans ahead, keeping these factors in mind."

Janak Sarda,

Founder & CEO,
Blue Logic Digital, Dubai
Deshdoot, Media Group, India

"The digital advertising ecosystem is undergoing a fundamental shift in response to rising user expectations for privacy and it's clear our industry is going to need to do more with less data. This challenge also presents an opportunity to better protect users while coming up with new and creative ways to reach consumers effectively--an opportunity that can only be realized if the industry comes together to tackle it collectively."

Jeff Buchan

Head of Global Industry Relations, Google

“Health and wellness, physical and mental, are of escalating importance and will influence company cultures and workplace practices as well as impacting how brands conceive, produce and market products, services and consumer experiences to provide wellbeing touchpoints to build consumer trust, loyalty and relationships.”

Heather Leembruggen

Chair, IAA Australia
VP, IAA Global

"People need more than ever simplicity, positivity and hope. It's crucial for marketers to provide a seamless, omnichannel customer journey and an overall inspiring, heartwarming brand experience."

Silvana Imperiali Chételat

Managing Director, DACH
Gamned! Unify Group, TF1

"Marketing today means to handle digital platforms to help building a data driven strategy around a brand. But still, human capital is the most important asset".

Riccardo Guggiola

CEO and Founder, GAMS Platform

"Pay more attention to children. With their increased online presence, the dangers they face in our digital world are increased too. Self-regulation on the internet is an urgent task and a major challenge for the advertising industry. The responsibility belongs to all of us in the community of our industry.”

Ilona Pócsik

President, IAA Hungary

“Digital transformation is ongoing mode. Technology is the wing of marketing. Data is nutrient of marketing and only talent can make it fly high.”

Elle Huang

President, IAA Taipei

“Brand Activism is the driver to business success in a new challenging world, this is what people want."

Alberto Dal Sasso

Managing Director, Nielsen Adintel Italy

“We are heading towards privacy-first advertising. That's why brands and the marketing industry need to focus on getting the right technology in place and on time to maintain the effectiveness of personalized campaigns without losing the trust of their customers.”

Agnieszka Gilewska

Business Development Director, RTB House Poland

"Now, more than ever, have the client's feelings and needs at the center of your focus, stop doing what doesn't work (even if it hurts to make that change!) and train an open mindset to change and embrace new opportunities”.

Carlos Saldaña

Chief Marketing Officer, IE University

"Just think of the role of the companies and brands in helping institutions in the fight against Covid. Marcom has a crucial role that we still underestimate"

Marco De Angeli

General Manager, ABC Production Agency

“Brands that win in this digital world will aim for better personalisation and emotional connectivity with customers. Diversity in creativity and communications will play an even stronger role in personalising brand connectivity”.

Sheba Nandkeolyar

President, IAA Australia IAA Global Vice President, DE&I Founder & CEO, MultiConnexions Group

When the Metaverse meets the post-pandemic world, COVID-19 plays a key role in accelerating everything in this new world. With this catalyst, it brings us back to thinking about humanity.

Evan Teng

Chairman of TAAA (Taipei Association of Advertising Agency) CEO,

Wunderman Thompson Taiwan

"2022 will be about seamless customer experiences with MarTech accelerating brand’s Marketing and Digital transformation to help them better retain and acquire new customers."

Tony Wazen

Executive Board, IAA UAE CEO, Digitas MEA

"For us, the term diversity should always be understood in its positive sense, without creating divisions, but as a value of contamination, which is an opportunity for enrichment and growth. We learn to seize talent, to cultivate it in each employee, in all employees, together."

Giada Maldotti

CEO and Founder, Red Public

"2022 will be about seamless customer experiences with MarTech accelerating brand’s Marketing and Digital transformation to help them better retain and acquire new customers."

Irene Chen

Vice President Media,


"Continue to Believe. Stay Healthy. Adapt to the difficult situation, Support our staffs socially and financially, over-service our clients, seek new markets outside Lebanon."

Joe Ayache

Managing Director - Partner, A&A Porter Novelli

The connected future has arrived - innovation and new experience technologies are now critical in creating differentiation and growth.But it’s connected experience - creativity that crosses touchpoint, sense and communities, and that is driving this future.

Gary Chi

CEO, Isobar Taiwan

"In a contest where everything and everyone is connected, IAA offers its space, its competence and its qualified network for helping advertising people to share their views and their believes with a firm conviction that know how sharing is the right answer to the increasing complexity!"

Paolo Duranti

Vice President Corporate Members,

IAA Italy Chapter

"We will cross the ultimate limit of our vision, making the most realistic imagination and create a new universe."

Alice Chou

Chief Creative Officer dentsuMB Taiwan

“Acceleration: Growth, change & new technology, together with Human Capital are the new name of the game”

Gerardo Mariñas

CEO, Serviceplan Group Spain

"Today, we must renew our commitment to our companies, our employees and towards ourselves to return to a pre-pandemic level of social interactions"

Davide Baldi

CEO & Founder, DUDE

In a post-Covid area, collaborative BI and connected cloud will continue to accelerate the rate of digital transformation in the tech-driven industry, further growing the influence of management technology. These innovations will supercharge the ability of individual SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs to quickly scale and make an impact.

Adam Wang

CEO, Adbert Tech Media Co., Ltd.

Mastering the virtual worlds will be an essential skill to have in 2022. Metaverse (Web3) is the new habitat in which brands will need to adapt and collaborate, as this environment offers almost infinite potential to reimagine brand content and consumer connections.

Vlad Popovici

Board Member,

IAA Romania Managing Partner KUBIS

We are proud to launch the IAA North Star campaign. As The Global Compass of Marketing Communications, we will help the communication industry navigate the implementation of the North Star values in their own company cultures. We will help them navigate by the Star. And like any real compass it will point us in the right direction. The North Star campaign captures the values of creativity, advocacy, education, collaboration, professional development, diversity, equity and inclusion, which will be our guide to transforming the marketing and communications industry into a more creative, innovative and inclusive industry.

Come One. Come All.

Andres Hernandez

Being a creative in New York City is something I always dreamed of while growing up in Colombia. As with any dream, however, it was not easy to achieve, but well worth the struggle. The Photography industry here overflows with talented artists from all over the world, which is what makes New York City so unique. As an immigrant from Latin America who faced all of the difficulties associated with being the first generation to come here, it has definitely been a challenge to try and rise through the ranks, but I know that I bring my individuality to the craft as do so many others. Diversity in the creative community is the magic that breeds new ideas. When I heard about the IAA campaign and its goal to promote diversity in the creative sector, not only did I identify with it, but also saw it as an opportunity to give back.

While having a conversation with Dagmara Szulce in a cab crossing New York City one day, we realized that we could join forces as like-minded individuals in creating the IAA campaign. As she told me about the purpose behind this new project, it quickly resonated with me and I jumped at the opportunity of working on something I’m truly passionate about. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot with so many extraordinary professionals.

“Having lived and worked across the globe my entire life, my experience has taught me that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Being open to people from all walks of life creates opportunity beyond our wildest imagination. Our only obstacle is our own lack of vision and the ability to see beyond ourselves.”

Carol Schuster

Business Information and Technology Advisor at Lafayette 148

The key to unlocking the power of diversity, equity and inclusion starts with improving one’s understanding about diversity, equity and inclusion issues and how you can implement them in practice. Whether it is a matter of hiring candidates from diverse or multicultural backgrounds, ensuring safe and non-discriminatory work environments, or fostering equal representation in the advertising industry, diversity and inclusion is relevant in different contexts. Below is a curated collection of diversity, equity and inclusion best practice resources to help you understand the issues and use these best practice tools to positively impact our workplace by making it more diverse and inclusive.

No one deserves to be treated unfairly based on the colour of their skin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability and more. Many minority groups often face discrimination and are marginalised in the workplace. Inclusion is important to make everyone feel valued and acknowledge how their differences contribute to the organisation. At IAA, we are dedicated to uplifting the voices of employees of diverse backgrounds and helping them feel safe and empowered in the workplace.

Diversity, equity and inclusion in communications contributes to higher levels of trust and loyalty when marketers take the time to meaningfully understand diverse customer groups in greater depth and drive inclusive representation. They represent strategic and competitive advantages which are not only essential to the bottom line of brands, but indicate the willingness of brands to go further and reflect the values and/or cultural beliefs of their customers. IAA seeks to empower brands to adopt diversity, equity and inclusion and leverage them to truly resonate with diverse audiences while obtaining a higher ROI.

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