The IAA operates at three levels: central, regional and national/local. In addition, we have a number of worldwide officers, which are crucial to the running of the IAA. Being a non-profit making association, the majority of our management are association members who work on a voluntary basis, regardless of the level.

Worldwide officers

We have three important bodies that are crucial to the running of the organization. These are:

  • The Board of Directors
  • The Executive Committee
  • Vice-Presidents.

The IAA Board of Directors

The IAA Board of Directors is the IAA’s main governing body, making major decisions on the strategy and future direction of the Association. The Senior Vice President, the Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the IAA World Board, representing the worldwide membership, every two years, when the current Senior Vice President succeeds as Chairman and World President. The Board meets at least one time a year. To view our current Board of Directors directory,  Click Here

The IAA Executive Committee

The IAA Executive Committee is a body that presents major strategic recommendations for the Board’s approval. The Executive Committee meets quarterly in the name of the Board of Directors. To view our current Executive Committee officers directory, Click Here

Vice Presidents

In addition to the officers on the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, the Chairman and World President also appoint a number of Vice-Presidents who are responsible for a variety of portfolios. To view our current Vice Presidents' directory, Click Here

Regional level

The Association is split into five worldwide regions, with an elected Vice President/Area Director (VP/AD) in each. The Vice President/Area Director is a key role; it is the catalyst for the region. VP/ADs work closely with the Presidents of the local Chapters, their officers and committees through regular contact and visits, stimulating local/national events and activities and coordinating regional events in line with the IAA's mission. To view our current Vice President/Area Directors' directory, Click Here

To view the list of our past Presidents, Chairmen, Conferences etc., Click Here