Brand RE-CODE Manifesto

We live in trying times.

The pandemic, wars, climate change, nations in conflict, inflation, poverty, gender inequality, mental health and more.

We live in a world divided by politics and wealth.
We are overwhelmed by communication, unable to tell fact from fiction.

Change is accelerating and it is recoding lives, businesses and relationships.
Fast forwarding everything around us to the feeling of uncertainty.

The haves fast-forward, leaving the have-nots further behind.

For the IAA 45th World Congress, we call on everyone to step back and ask :

What can we do to build a better future for all?
How can we integrate technology with creativity to be a force for good?
How can we be the change we want to see in the world?
How can we, in the pursuit of profit, also profit the planet?

Much is said about a purpose-driven life.

Is your brand making that a reality for employees, customers, partners and the community?

RE-CODE is the new narrative.
Brand : RE-CODE is the central theme for the 2024 IAA World Congress.

Join us to learn, to share, to build friendships and collaborate.
Join us to help connect brands and lives in a divided world.

Join us to create a better world, better life.