IAA | IAA India launches "COVID Communicators" Series
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IAA India launches "COVID Communicators" Series

The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) is chronicling unique pro bono communication prepared by distinguished communication professionals during the period of the Covid Lockdown.The videos have been prepared by Hansa Events as their contribution to the industry.

Punit Goenka President IAA India Chapter quotes, “Amidst the challenging times, it is heartening to note the voluntary initiatives taken up by industry leaders to come forward and share their perspectives. The association encourages more and more leaders to come forward and participate in this initiative to share ones knowledge, learnings and thoughts. On behalf of IAA, I would like to thank Bhupal Ramnathkar, Tista Sen and Rajeev Raja for their valuable contribution”.

The series is called COVID Communicators and the first the first communicator is a Marcom industry veteran has taken design to the forefront of this 'Communication for Good'.

In second video of the three part mini series of Covid Communicators stars Tista Sen, well known in the Indian Marcom industry as a creative leader. Tista is one of the extraordinary people who have created a unique communication (pro bono) under these extraordinary times of lockdown. Known for her positive attitude, here's a message of hope and positivity using the magic of memories about Mumbai.

Rajeev Raja is the third COVID Communicator of the mini series. Rajeev is a well known advertising and music professional in the Indian Marcom industry who combines his rich experience in both areas to present little pieces of music that soothe, relax and take the mind to places it yearns to be in during the lockdown

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