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Structured Tribalism: The Enemy Of Customer-Centricity

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The marketing communications industry is at a crossroads. We must move from an era of "tell and sell" to on-going meaningful engagement. In an era of consumer empowerment wrought by technology, business leaders are increasingly disoriented, unsure of the path ahead. Still, there are timeless principles of brand building in a data-centric world that must not be abandoned. As the global Compass committed to guiding all sectors of marcomms through on-going sea changes, the International Advertising Association is proud to present the LeadersView Debate series.

Each episode will tackle a fundamental issue twenty-first century marketers confront such as: the tension between brand equity and transactional efficacy; digital evolution of "traditional" companies not "born digital"; the promise and pitfalls of performance marketing; brand authenticity in an era of "fake news"; proper investment strategies in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and much more. Moderated by Tom Doctoroff, IAA's Global Vice President of Strategy, LeadersView will attract some of the most influential creative, media, technology and marketing names from around the world who exchange points of view on the most burning and controversial questions of our times.

Topic: Structured Tribalism: The enemy of Customer-centricity

Participants: Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis and Tom Goodwin, Head of Innovation, Zenith Media

Moderator: Tom Doctoroff, IAA Vice President, Strategy



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