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With the world in crisis due to Covid-19, it’s easy to see why the importance of brands is being overlooked and questioned. Consumers are increasingly cautious about where they put their money, what brands they choose to trust, and what those brands represent. However, with brands so intrinsically linked to GDP, we must consider the role that brands can play in rebuilding the economy and pioneering the new normal. With this in mind, we have assembled some of the greatest minds from digital, industry, government, and agencies to give their opinions on the burning question of Why Brands Matter.

As part of the International Advertising Association’s Why Brands Matter campaign, Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman of S4 Capital, gives his opinion on why it’s important to have brands as beacons of trust during uncertain times. That’s why Covid-19 has seen some brands do extraordinarily well; consumers are turning to brands, people, and institutions they trust during times of crisis. As technology changes the way consumers interact, it’s up to those brands to lead the way and the role of government to support these changes through re-educating and retraining. Covid-19 can be a time for opportunity, and governments and the private sector should work together to ensure this can happen.

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