IAA Apprenticeship

IAA Apprenticeship Future Leaders Program

Most people strive to get into colleges and universities in the hopes of obtaining a college degree.

They say that the key to a successful career or life, in general, is a quality education. After graduation, the next step is to look for a job. However, life outside the walls of a college or university is different. Knowledge, skills and the ability to adapt to changing work environments is necessary to survive in the real world. Especially now.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented, global crisis, effecting economies around the world. At the same time, technology innovation has accelerated kicking off a large scale, digital transformation of the marketing and communications industry.

This ongoing, fast-paced digital transformation is going to require new skills for students entering the MARCOM industry. Join us as we bring together some of the most progressive experts in marketing, advertising and HR to share their latest knowledge with students and educate them about what’s coming next in digital marketing, personal branding and job search, so they feel confident facing real life challenges ahead of them.

About This Event

IAA Apprenticeship is a global MARCOM industry driven, high-quality career pathway to help senior students and their faculty understand how to navigate the transition from academia to a career in marketing and advertising.

This year, we have expanded to make this a regional virtual event comprising Institutes & Universities in Middle East & Africa. We will be using an independent platform Zuddl to create a virtual and exciting experience, including live speaker presentations, live chat and Q&A, and virtual get-togethers for networking.
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