IAA | The Evolution of the B2B CMO

The Evolution of the B2B CMO

Tara Fusco, Global B2B Practice Lead, EssenceMediacom

Kate Cronin, Chief Brand Officer, Moderna

Brian Stoller, CMO, Foundry

Jen Jones, CMO, commercetools

EssenceMediacom, a WPP company, is launching its first-ever Global B2B CMO Survey at the Brand Summit. The report focuses on the growing paradox experienced by B2B CMOs given the evolution of the B2B marketing landscape and customer. With digital transformation, the generational buyer shift and tech proliferation upending B2B marketing, designing the data and organizational infrastructure to support this tectonic transition will be increasingly critical. This panel will investigate how the role of the CMO has changed as well as the challenges of orchestrating customer centricity, endless data and board room expectations.


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