IAA | IAA Submits Comments to U.S. Federal Trade Commission in Green Guides Review, Calling for Harmonization

IAA Submits Comments to U.S. Federal Trade Commission in Green Guides Review, Calling for Harmonization

NEW YORK, 21 FEBRUARY 2023 – Last week, the International Advertising Association submitted comments to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”) in connection with the FTC’s review of its “Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims” (the “Green Guides”).

In its comments, the IAA encouraged the FTC to consider ways in which it may be reasonable and appropriate to harmonize the Green Guides with other international laws, regulations, and standards. The IAA explained, “Clear, consistent environmental marketing rules and guidance that can be applied across boarders should better protect consumers, encourage the development of environmentally preferable products, and make it easier for consumers to locate and purchase those products.”

IAA Submits Comments To U.S. Federal Trade Commission In Green Guides Review, Calling For Harmonization

As part of its submission, the IAA submitted the report that it recently released in collaboration with Brand Finance, “Sustainability Perceptions Index 2023: The inaugural report on the value of sustainability perceptions to the world’s leading brands.” Noting that the study finds that sustainability is important to consumers and a large driver of brand value, the IAA emphasized that clear, well-crafted guidance “not only drives brand value, but protects consumers, and ultimately can help to address the world climate crisis.”

IAA’s complete submission to the FTC is below.

The International Advertising Association.

The International Advertising Association is the world’s only globally-focused integrated advertising trade association with membership representing advertisers, agencies and the media. Established in 1938, the International Advertising Association has never been more relevant. With so many changes in the way we use advertising to communicate, it’s important for everyone in the industry to have a trusted body they can turn to for advice and support. The IAA has over 4,000 individual and corporate members spanning marketing, advertising, media, IT communications and academic sectors – all involved in the wide range of brand marketing and marketing communications disciplines. The IAA has presence in most markets through Chapters and education affiliates reaching across 56 countries where we serve the collective interests of the entire marketing communications profession, unlike other bodies that defend only the interests of the sector they represent.

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