IAA | Gala and IAA release updated edition of guide to privacy laws related to advertising and marketing

Gala and IAA release updated edition of guide to privacy laws related to advertising and marketing

October 8, 2022, New York - The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance ("GALA") and the International Advertising Association ("IAA") announced today that they have just released the second edition of the two volume set, Privacy Law: A Global Legal Perspective on Data Protection Relating to Advertising & Marketing.

“We are thrilled to release the second edition of the definitive guide to privacy law relating to the advertising industry,” said Jeffrey A. Greenbaum, who is the Chairman of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance and the Managing Partner of Frankfurt Kurnit. “We hope that this guide continues to be a valuable resource to marketers around the world.”

Joel E. Nettey, World President and Chairman of the International Advertising Association, wrote in the introduction to the second edition, “The IAA applauds GALA for not only their commitment but also their inclination to constant and judicious evaluation of policies within the marketing communication space across the world. The global marketing and communication industry is better because of the intervention of this landmark book.”

The more than 800 page guide provides a comprehensive look at how privacy and data protection laws affect advertising and marketing in more than 70 countries -- from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The guide also provides detailed information about how to comply with privacy laws in the European Union.

Organized by country, each chapter provides detailed information about how privacy is regulated in that country with respect to advertising and marketing, and covers such topics as, rules about collection and storage of personal data, data breaches, and regulatory enforcement. Each chapter also provides unique insights about how the privacy landscape has changed in recent years, where the changes will be in the future, and the challenges companies face.

The second edition provides important updates to privacy laws that have occurred since the book was originally published in 2020. The second edition also includes new chapters on privacy laws in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Latvia, Lithuania, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Daniel Goldberg, Chair of Frankfurt Kurnit’s Privacy & Data Security Group, helped lead the effort to prepare the second edition, along with Stacy Bess, GALA’s Executive Director. “Privacy laws are evolving at a rapid pace globally, and it’s critically important that marketers understand the impact the laws have on their business – and the consequences if they fail to comply,” said Mr. Goldberg. “The second edition of this guide is a critical resource for every marketer around the world.”

Hard copies of the book are available for purchase on Amazon.com. Pdf versions are also available, for free, by contacting GALA or IAA.

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