IAA | IAA Young Professionals Romania hold 2nd edition of Global Webinar
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IAA Young Professionals Romania hold 2nd edition of Global Webinar

IAA Young Professionals Romania, recipient of IAA Inspire Award for Excellence in 2016 and 2018, held the second edition of the IAA YP Global Webinar, Smashing Social Media in 2020 and Beyond, last Friday, on November 1st. This was the first edition organized by IAA Young Professionals Romania.

The webinar reached over 3.000 users and had 1.300 unique viewers from +10 cities from all over the world (New York, Zürich, Sofia, Basel, Bucharest). George Carey Simos, Co-Founder and COO of We Are Social Media, had a lengthy and fascinating talk about the development we have witnessed in 2019 (Instagram’s big drive towards E-Commerce, privacy issues, Libra and other cryptocurrencies, etc) and the most important trends for 2020 (disappearance of vanity metrics, T-shaped marketers, AR/VR, and an even bigger push on video marketing).

“A big privacy push, but there is more there than meets the eye. The future is private,” said George.

He gave terrific advice to the young professionals who want to smash the social media game in 2020: stop broadcasting and focus on developing real stories, build communities, be authentic, be human, always do your best, and jump on the TikTok wandbagon only if it fits your brand.

Global Webinar is the place where you learn what YOU want. Take advantage of this opportunity to have real-time conversations with experts from all around the world. Stay tuned for the following edition, which will be announced soon!

Smashing Social Media in 2020 and Beyond, IAA YP Global Webinar hosted by IAA YP Romania. “The future is private”

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