IAA returns to France

IAA returns to France and appoints Pascal Cübb President

IAA is proud to announce the opening of its French chapter in Paris and entrusts its presidency to Pascal Cübb (Founder of Sunglasses and Chairman of Chantons d’Or) who also becomes a member of the international board. The IAA is the world’s largest and most influential professional communications network. Its mission is to be the GLOBAL COMPASS of the Marcom industry. It serves the collective interest of all sectors of the industry.
Joel E. Nettey – World President & Chairman International Advertising Association:

“The return of the IAA to France gives me great joy. France is a flagship country for brands and consumers not only in Europe but in much of French-speaking Africa and the world. I have no doubt that this will have a positive impact on the IAA Global and its constituent members. “Welcome aboard” to Pascal Cubb and the great team he has gathered around him”

Dagmara Szulce – Managing Director - IAA Global

“Relaunching IAA in France was our priority in Europe, but it took time to find the right leader to embody our new positioning of the “Global Compass”. Pascal brings unique experience in global thought leadership, digital transformation, content production, and events while being connected to the most progressive leaders in France. I’m excited to begin?”

Pascal Cübb – President – IAA France

“I am honored by the confidence that the IAA and Dagmara (CEO of IAA Global) have placed in me to relaunch IAA in France, this prestigious association representing the communication industry around the world. This new challenge is very motivating. With the support of many personalities in our industry, many member companies of our association, we will highlight best practices, inform about new trends, share and discuss with the new generation, show the importance and the major role of our industry, working together towards greater meaning and shared human values”

IAA France will offer many meeting opportunities throughout the year, exclusive content, inspiration from renowned personalities around the world and access to world-class conferences.