IAA launches Global Campaign "LeadersView"

International Advertising Association launched its Global Campaign, LeadersView, to help business sustain and grow amidst the COVID-19 storm.

Dagmara Szulce, Managing Director of IAA quoted, "As the COVID-19 is reshaping our industry and lives as we speak, we felt it was important to connect with leaders representing different sectors of the Marketing Communications, around the world to get a sense of how they’re dealing with their businesses, employees, operations to keep the business going, while keeping the morale high. Responses have been pouring from different parts of the world so we decided to launch a digital campaign to fulfill our mission and serve as the Global Compass of the MARCOM industry. We feel the industry needs some positive inputs and energy more than ever, as many of the businesses would need to readjust their corporate agendas in the immediate term".

For more suggestions on the most pressing issues that needs to be covered by leaders and to participate in this campaign, send a mail to iaa@iaaglobal.org

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