IAA | The outlook for identity in Advertising & Marketing

The outlook for identity in Advertising & Marketing

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Would you like to understand every member of your audience in such entirety, that you could possibly recognize them wherever and however they interact in the digital world?

Imagine the kind of tailored messaging you could use to engage with them across platforms. Think how much you could grow your business by personalizing offerings for every individual.

Such is the power of Identity driven Marketing!

Over the next five years, identity solutions for marketing and advertising are forecasted to rapidly grow by the billions, according to new research from Winterberry Group.

Now is the best time to get ahead in this space..... and for this, we bring to you Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner of Winterberry Group, for an exclusive online Master Class.

In this video, Bruce will help you understand the power and scope of Identity marketing for your business. This will motivate you to think about setting an implementation roadmap in the months to come.



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