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Creativity as a Superpower

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“Emotional due diligence, over financial due diligence”

In this episode we learn from Panos Panay and Michael Hendrix, the authors of Two Beats Ahead - What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation. Michael is the Global Design Director at IDEO and an accomplished designer and musician. Panos is the Co-President of The Recording Academy - the group behind The Grammy Awards. With their powers combined, they’re creative powerhouses who have met everyone and done almost everything any creative can hope to do professionally.

We hear thoughts from the book and behind the scenes about how innovation works, how creative folk can win in business, and we discuss some of the lessons they’ve learned alongside some of the world’s best creatives.

Check out their book: https://twobeatsahead.com/

Check out the announcement of Panos’ joining The Recording Academy: https://www.berklee.edu/berklee-now/news/berklee-s-panos-a-panay-named-copresident-of-the-recording-academy


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