IAA | Having a Full Creative Career

Having a Full Creative Career

Category - Marketing Aide

“Creatives who want to learn how to express their full selves while succeeding professionally will love this episode.”

In this episode, we witness Lawrence Azerrad - a creative with success in every mode. Lawrence shares behind-the-scenes stories from designing albums with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to winning Grammy’s, to opening his own award-winning studio, to exhibiting at art museums around the globe, to publishing books, designing an education program. Lawrence is the true model of a creative professional, succeeding at a variety of creative endeavors across a multitude of media. 

His studio: www.laddesign.net

His Exhibit at the Museum of Design Atlanta: https://thefuturehappened.org/

His most recent book, Mirror Sound with Spencer tweedy: https://mirrorsoundbook.com/

And his education program: designfutures.cca.edu


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