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EU Data Transfer Post Privacy Shield

Category - Marketing Aide

In this episode of IAA Privacy Downloads, Dr. Søren Pietzcker discusses options for (and risks of) EU Data Transfer under GDPR after the judgement of the European Court of Justice invalidating the Privacy Shield (aka Schrems II), its impact and next steps that you should follow.

Dr. Søren Pietzcker is a Partner at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek PartGmbB in Hamburg, where he is in charge of the Intellectual Property and Advertising Law department. As an Intellectual Property and Advertising Law lawyer he focuses on advising clients in the manufacturing industry as well as in the service industry including advertising agencies on all aspects of advertising law, unfair competition law, trademark law, and other aspects of Intellectual Property protection.

This includes the responsibility for the application, opposition, maintenance and defence of national trademarks, European Union marks and International Registrations as well as trademark infringement litigation, especially by way of preliminary injunctions

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