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The Nielsen Total Audience Report

Category - COVID-19

COVID-19, cultural and civil unrest and continued evolution in the media landscape have altered all aspects of our everyday lives. The way we shop for groceries, receive medical care— even how we see each other—have all been upended. Many changes won’t be temporary, and this disruption will breed a slew of transformations that are here to stay, many of which are already evident.

For this report, Nielsen dove into remote working to assess how work-from-home consumers are adapting—and performing. Importantly, the research highlights just how quickly Americans have adapted and now WANT to work remotely, largely due to the flexibility it affords. In a special survey that Nielsen conducted, 73% of respondents said that working from home gives them the freedom and flexibility that best suits their needs, and 80% of them prefer to work for companies that allow them to do so!

Read this full report to understand how COVID-19 has reshaped the concept of workspace and what are the trends that can be expected in the future


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