IAA | CES 2020
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Tim Reha

CES 2020

CES 2020 marks the 53rd annual run of the nation's biggest and most important consumer technology show. The event kicks off the year's product cycle for consumer tech in countless categories, from TVs and headphones to laptops and even new cars.

Buzz Radar is the platform behind the Social Media Command Centre that tracks every CES conversation, product and brand online. They use the data to provide in-depth insight reports for all of CES’s top exhibitors and invaluable data led recommendations for CES across a wide range of topics. 

From understanding their audiences more intimately to analyzing how well their content performs compared to their competitors. The result? Across almost all major measurable data points CES is the leading technology conference across digital and social.

CES Top Mentions

Augmented Reality - Leads CES Most Talked about