IAA | The Preparation: 45th IAA World Congress - St Petersburg, Russia
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The Leadership Committee, 45th IAA World Congress

The Preparation: 45th IAA World Congress - St Petersburg, Russia

The 45th IAA World Congress will take place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on May 27 – 29, 2020

The Congress business program will provide wide opportunities for the event participants to interact with leading professionals from all around the world during plenary sessions, business breakfasts, panel discussions, open talks and foresight sessions on key topics of present and future of communications industry.

The Congress will also grant a great chance for young professionals & students within educational program, which will involve briefings, master classes and lectures of key congress speakers.

The cultural program will offer unforgettable moments for the congress delegates and accompanying persons as Saint Petersburg, being one the leading world cultural centers, presents broadest range of cultural events, from famous ballet in Mariinsky theatre and unique art collection of Russian museum to fabulous parks and palaces around the city.

After the business program of the Congress is over, the event participants are also welcome to visit Moscow, which thrills visitors with its history, culture and grandeur any time! A weekend in Moscow may be booked online, during registration on the Congress website.

Registration for the event will be available on the Congress website starting from September 2019.

Welcome to Saint Petersburg!

Why have you decided to support the IAA Congress, which is to be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2020?

Communications industry is quite separated one. In each country, there are a lot of organizations, operating at regional and national levels. These are associations of advertising agents, advertisers, industry units for different media.

There are just few organizations, which support development of communications industry at global level. And International Advertising Association is one of the leaders in this field. IAA always attracts huge interest of marketers, as uniting one for the whole industry.

What do you expect from IAA Congress?

In 2020 the Congress will be held in Russia for the second time. We expect large interest from local business, as the Congress topics reflect the current status of Russian media market, and this is additional professional responsibility for us. At global level Russian communications industry is regarded as advanced and actively developing. I believe that IAA Congress in Russia will help to present our industry at the highest possible level.

About National Advertising Alliance (NAA)

A unitary seller of TV advertising in Russia. The main activity is the realization of TV-channels’ advertising possibilities and provision of services to advertisers.

NAA implements innovative technologies and solutions for media advertising ecosystem. In particular, the company sells advertising via its own unique technological platform that automates the whole cycle of deals conclusion and advertising placement. The seller examines the state of media advertising business in Russia and provides analytical support to market participants.

NAA founders are the largest Russian media holdings: “Channel One Russia”, VGTRK, “Gazprom-Media Holding” and “National Media Group” own equal shares in the company.

NAA is a member of European Group of Television Advertising (EGTА).

What is Russ Outdoor mission at the International Advertising Association Congress?

IAA Congress is a great opportunity for our company to present Russian market overview on the international discussion panel and to contribute to world market understanding through the Media prism. As mentioned the main question “What’s coming next” is a mainstream not only for marketers, brands and the media, but for the whole OOH industry.

What do you expect from IAA Congress?

First of all to take access on advertising trends in all media, not only OOH. It is important to understand criterias that affect advertiser’s choice of media channel and evaluate its advertising potential. Our goal is to adapt our service to best accompany brands' needs and requirements. This is a possibility for media companies, advertisers and others market players to share best practices with colleagues and to acknowledge international expertise.

What are the global OOH trends and how you see Russian market in this regards

1. Numerous initiatives to better measure the audience and conversion
2. Programmatic projects
3. Automation
4. Engaging via creative thinking, content and interaction with potential buyers.

All of this allows for being more attractive for brands and uncover full potential of OOH currently underestimated in Russia.

About the company: Russ Outdoor as the largest outdoor operator in Russia

Russ Outdoor is a historical leader with the largest and most qualitative inventory. The past two years on innovations (proof of efficiency - convenience) making it closer to a digital company where technology determines the future.

Why have you decided to support the IAA Congress, which is to be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2020?

Marketing policy of the Company puts on the first place participation in different national and international business events in order to represent itself as a highly developed and technologically advanced Company. Our key aim can be described as mutual and comprehensive exchange of knowledge and experience for different issues of the industry.

IAA - is the highest step in our marketing strategy and we are happy to introduce ourselves as an industry partner!

We believe that IAA Congress is crucial for every business unit that represent itself in OOH industry.

Tell us about the development of the company today.

The development of OOH industry in Russia, on one hand, follows the best practices in the world, but on the other hand has its own unique features that are not common for the rest of the countries. The effectiveness and highly precise media metric instruments of OOH advertising are on the highest positions in the list of advantages that helps to be on the first line of operators.

As a first step, we have already equipped all our digital billboards with highly precise wi-fi sensors. We are sure, that these first steps are only the first ones for us.

About the company

LAYSA is one of the leading advertising out-of-home operators in Russia. Since 2006 LAYSA became the official exclusive advertising operator of Russian Railways – the national monopoly railway carrier. The Company was established in 1993, and operates more than 500 thousand advertising surfaces for the present date.

LAYSA is the member of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR), the International Association for Outdoor Advertising FEPE International and National Association of Visual Communications of Russia (NAVC).

The main course of the Company to promote the highest standards for OOH advertising implementing the newest and efficient technologies.


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