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Reinvent Digital Advertising with Blockchain

With blockchain’s help, TonicPow makes performance advertising profitable for everyone

There are half a million brands worldwide, and affiliate marketing is gaining momentum with the advent of social media platforms. Influencers and marketers are expected to build a certain level of presence followers, for instance, for brands to reach out to them for offers. Smaller promoters bear this brunt because brands prefer established profiles with more followers to promote their products.

Now, anyone can join a digital advertising platform—TonicPow—and become a promoter. The business model of TonicPow is unique and offers a user-friendly advertising platform where brands create a bounty that anyone can take advantage of in exchange for promoting their services. The business came into existence when Luke Rohenaz learned about the Bitcoin SV Hackathon in 2019 and decided to build his first Bitcoin project. TonicPow started as a little widget that users could put on their website, but it has since grown into an established advertising ecosystem on chain.

The blockchain advertising platform is accessible to all, as users can start promoting without a BSV wallet. It works with a wide array of companies, such as gaming, technology apps, healthcare, etc., allowing non-technical (non-traditional) users to use BSV. According to Rohenaz, “The platform also allows those without a big-enough profile to attract offers, to join and promote a product (campaign) they relate to and start earning.” 

“TonicPow is creating a different version of performance advertising,” Rohenaz said.

Rohenaz recently attended the Coingeek Zurich Conference, where he was a part of the panel discussion on blockchain and performance advertising. The panelists spoke about how BSV blockchain technology offers resolves the issues related to data integrity and transparency within the overloaded information world of brand advertising. He mentioned that there are numerous content creators and brand promoters in today’s world, adding that “…TonicPow platform is a timestamp server, so every time a transaction happens, you know exactly when it happened….” The BSV blockchain technology is scalable and can accommodate big data; it also offers micropayments that allow for the cheapest transaction fees.

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