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Happiness and productivity
Andreea Ştefania Şuşală, IAA Young Professionals Member, Romania

A capsule of happiness day, please!

Is happiness important in an agency? Do the results of the campaigns go beyond the concept of materialism and lead us to the essential, often shadowy concept of "happiness"?

Let's imagine an agency that brings joy by offering each brand in question an ingredient that should be indispensable in any campaign: the happiness capsule.

A recent study from the University of Warwich found out that happiness led to an increase in productivity by 12%, while unhappy employees were 10% less productive. The research team believes that human happiness has intense and positive effects on productivity. A defining example is Google, which has invested in supporting employees, their satisfaction rising radically by 37%.

“We help brands spread Happiness along the customer journey.” This is the motto that defines the advertising agency Happiness Anywhere from Belgium.

The goal of the agency is to offer what is needed in order to bring a sense of joy to the people. Thus, happy people work efficiently and have good results. Healthy work will eventually have millions of smiles printed on people's faces.

Campaigns awarded with "Happiness" imprint

Campaign #NoFilter UNICEF made by Happiness Saigon was awarded the title of Vietnam's most award-winning creative idea. Taking into account the importance of cleaned water in Vietnam, the campaign made a series of photographs of Vietnamese children reared with rainwater from the river where they lived.

Moreover, Hearts - small hearts and injuries - a campaign addressed to children who brings a warm and educational "treatment" to the injured hearts under the umbrella of the Hansaplast brand. In this sense, there were created 10 types of patches and a book with the story of each, illustrated by different designers. The patches treat five types of primary childhood pain: loss, quarrels, fears, mistakes and growth.

"We wanted to create a culture where our team would look forward to coming to work, and that meant working hard to build the right team to share the same vision and work ethics," said Laurean Stevenson.

"Happiness is the ultimate rebellion! Great work with these 2 rebels", says Kris Hoet, co-founder of Happiness Anywhere.

The article was written by Andreea Ştefania Şuşală, IAA Young Professionals Member, Romania


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