IAA | Digital Advertising Revolution is coming, and it’s powered by Blockchain
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Digital Advertising Revolution is coming, and it’s powered by Blockchain

Digital advertising has absolutely changed the game as far as marketing efficacy is concerned. In one fell swoop, the shift to digital has rendered mediums like print ads near obsolete, with the concept of accurate targeting and analytics blowing the results of the past out the water.

As the move to digital advertising, another tectonic shift is upon us. The move towards a blockchain future will revolutionize digital advertising, beyond a doubt the most significant shift for the industry of the technological age so far. Fortunately for marketers, it is just a matter of time before blockchain technology comes to dominate the digital advertising space, bringing with it whole new levels of control and effectiveness.

So, what can marketers expect from this blockchain revolution?

The impact of Blockchain on Digital Advertising

Data tracking is at the forefront of digital advertising. With the right data, marketers can make more targeted decisions, expanding the reach of budgets and increasing the efficacy of their campaigns from an ROI perspective. At the same time, consumers and regulators want to keep a lid on privacy and protect data from being gathered unknowingly or unnecessarily.

Blockchain technology helps bridge this gap, allowing more effective data collection and recording with more transparent privacy controls. Power returns to the consumer, who can choose to monetize their data, with advertisers safe in the knowledge it is accurate and available when they need it.

This extends to things like online reviews, an important part of the broader marketing puzzle. Vexatious reviews can be the ruin of any business, and identity is a key part of ensuring a level of fairness can be maintained. With blockchain, digital identities can be created, verified, and shared with ease, providing greater truth and transparency for individuals—as well as arming marketing departments with the information they need to serve better campaigns.

Due to its superior data controls, blockchain makes tracking ad spend all the easier. With blockchain systems, data comes into the ledger honestly in an untampered form, giving advertisers the confidence of transparency. This allows for more effective campaign optimizations and removes any element of trust in publishers that may otherwise have competing objectives. 

A large part of its appeal as technology is with data generation, collection, and processing, especially via microtransactions on public enterprise blockchains like BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision)blockchain. Again, this removes the trust and control elements over the data away from the hands of the publisher and puts it in on an independently verifiable blockchain, allowing for better results for advertisers and consumers. 

With this greater insight and control of data comes next-generation blockchain advertising, through microtransactions and more targeted spending. BSV blockchain allows data transactions to be sent at a fraction of a penny (nano payments), making it trivial to record vast volumes of data on the blockchain. From there, that data can be processed, analyzed via custom performance algorithms, or otherwise acted upon to deliver truly next-level campaigns. Taken to its logical conclusion, this could even be used to deliver 100% personalized and automated advertising and marketing campaigns, based on generated user data inputs. For anyone with oversight of advertising campaign budgets, it’s not too hard to see how this will be a major benefit to advertisers. 

Blockchain advertising technology promises to be another highly sophisticated tool in the arsenal for marketers. Going a level beyond what is currently possible with digital ads, it stands to save the industry a lot of wasted clicks by providing more tailored, more effective campaigns. And with the tools to do so ready to go and awaiting mass adoption, it is only a matter of time before this powerful tool gets into the hands of those on the advertising frontline. The blockchain revolution for digital ads is coming, and it’s happening now. 

Learn more about the BSV revolution here


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