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Advertising Self-Regulation, the New ICC Marketing Code, and the IAA
Carla Michelotti, Vice President - Self-Regulation and Government Affairs

Advertising Self-Regulation, the New ICC Marketing Code, and the IAA

Since its earliest days, the IAA has been a strong advocate of free, responsible and truthful, commercial speech. All IAA members can claim with great pride that supporting and enforcing the integrity of commercial communication, in all forms, and in all media, has long been one of IAA’s foundational principles

Meaningful, effective, and efficient advertising self-regulation, enforced by an objective and independent self-regulatory organization, is critical to establish and defend credible, responsible and truthful commercial communication.

The IAA supports and advocates for the advancement of meaningful and effective advertising self-regulation. It is increasingly necessary in this evolving media world of bots, transparency demands, ad fraud and privacy concerns, that all communication professionals truly understand and support the importance of self-regulation.

Because the IAA wants to help all members and chapters navigate through the matrix of advertising regulation and self-regulation, we will be sharing some key information about advertising self-regulation in this and future Thought Leadership articles--


For 80 years, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Code has been the “gold standard” for marketing self-regulation principles. The Code has provided global benchmarks, encouraging high standards and ethical marketing practices. The Code provides valuable guidance to both regulators and self-regulatory bodies around the world, and provides a strong foundation for self-regulation in many countries around the world.

The ICC Code is the global reference point for self-regulation for 80 years, and as such, IAA has been a strong and consistent supporter of the ICC Code and its principles for decades.

The ICC has recently released an updated 2018 ICC Code which now better addresses today’s relevant marketing issues, including marketing to children, data protection and privacy, guidance with respect to use of new online platforms/channels, devices, platforms. You may click here to read about the recent launch of the refreshed 2018 ICC Code in Washington DC, and IAA’s role in that launch.

A copy of the revised ICC Code is available here.

The ICC Code self-regulatory standards can be locally adapted for cultural and legal differences, and protect consumers when implemented and enforced through local, independent self-regulatory organizations.

With the help of the ICC marketing codes, the IAA has worked to help establish local advertising self-regulation in specific and developing markets around the world! Today the IAA continues to help the ICC anticipate how to address the current and future issues of this industry, globally.

We encourage everyone in the industry to become familiar with the revised Code’s contents as well as to share it with their teams, suppliers and clients.

As you must now understand, the IAA is immensely proud of its support for self-regulation. We trust that all IAA members can appreciate how self-regulation enhances the industry, how self-regulation by encourages truth and integrity of commercial content. The IAA encourages members to support local self-regulation.

Please connect with IAA Global, or Carla Michelotti, if you have questions or if we can be of help.


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