Alibaba's digital ecosystem

Topic: Alibaba's digital ecosystem

Date: November 19th

Time: 1-2pm CET/ 7- 8 a.m. ET/ 4-5 p.m. Dubai Time/ 11 p.m. - 12:00 a.m Sydney


Alibaba's Uni Marketing is a data powered operating system to enable brand building for growth. With its latest upgrade, Uni marketing is refueling brand growth power and bringing it to a new level by taking full advantage of Alibaba's digital ecosystem.


Thursday November 19th IAA's WebInAAr will embark on this topic.


Chris Tung commands a huge amount of influence in the global marketing community, as the leading marketing voice for one of the world's most innovative companies. He has helped to build strong Alibaba's brand portfolio by combining best-in-class creativity with the latest technologies. As a result, Alibaba has been ranked as the most valuable brand from China by many recent independent surveys.


He presided over the phenomenally successful “Double 11 (Singles' Day)” extravaganza, spearheaded the company's global Olympics sponsorship and created the “Uni Marketing” methodology and tools to support over 180,000 global brands to run marketing campaigns on Alibaba platforms effectively.


Chris Tung, CMO Alibaba has led major product launches and marketing innovations, since he took the senior marketing roles for PepsiCo, Loreal and Procter & Gamble. Also, he had two successful start-up experiences by creating a digital marketing agency, im2.0 (now VMLY & R China) in 2010 and a broadband internet service provider - Gigamedia in 1998.