IAA | Why Brands Matter- Malaysia Webinar
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Why Brands Matter- Malaysia Webinar

Why Brands Matter- Malaysia Webinar

Brands play a critical role in fueling economic recovery through its innovation, creativity and optimism whilst generating economic value. Brands convey the source, quality and authenticity of products and services while representing pride, passion, trust, choice and identity.

Strong brands restore consumer confidence and can rebuild economic strength. The importance of brands actually increases during times of crisis.


- ADAM WEE, Former Group CMO of Maybank and CIMB

- KAREN CHAN, CEO airasia.com

- AZRANI RUSTAM, Director, Corporate Affairs & Communications - Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Malaysia

- JOHN D CHACKO, Adjunct Professor UiTM & President IAA Malaysia


PRABHA NAYAR, Hon. Secretary, IAA Malaysia & Strategist & Creative Director, Epic Works

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