Importance of Data Analytics. Strategize, Plan, and Mobilize

IAA Egypt Chapter invites you to join this week's panel on ZOOM. Our panelists will be discussing The Importance of Data Analytics at a time of the COVID-19 when we are all dependent on digital as the main communication tool whether B2B in our organizations or B2C in reaching out for the customers. 

The panellists will be giving their professional opinions from hands-on experience relevant to their respective fields of business; AI Data Analytics, FMCGs, and Real Estate. They will highlight the importance of getting the right insights to manage the recent crisis and realign their digital and traditional marcom activities. 

The webinar will answer the following questions:

1- Where and how can we get good data and avoid bad data?

2- How to use it for strategizing, planning and mobilizing?

3- Can we depend on social media analytics?

4- How AI today can be useful in buyer behaviour monitoring and predictions? 

Let’s Get Ready for the Post COVID-19 Era!

Webinar topic: Importance of Data Analytics. Strategize, Plan, and Mobilize

Panelists from Egypt:

Mostafa Gamrah, CEO BigBrother Analytics.

May Gad, Marketing Director Misr Italia Properties

Ahmed Nazmy, CEO The Board Consultancy

Time: June 18th, 20:30 Cairo Local Time 

Note: We use Zoom Meeting, so that we can all see each other. We ask you to turn on your camera and stay on mute during the session. Registration to the Webinar is free. 

Please register Now as the number of participants is limited. We will confirm your attendance and send you the link to the Webinar.