How to infect people with laughter


COVID-19 is no laughing matter. But perhaps putting the healing power of laughter to work (in a savvy, sensitive, relevant way) is the most serious response to what we are all experiencing. Research shows laughter can help with stress relief, reducing anxiety, increasing satisfaction, driving positivity and even helps strengthen our… immune system. 

Not to mention that it makes us… laugh. No wonder social media exploded with funny consumer generated content during the pandemic. And no wonder humour is such a powerful and popular form of generating affinity by brands, which got a little sidetracked by the recent turmoil. But now it's back on track and will play a major role in the way brands engage with the audiences during the recovery from COVID-19.

Join this session to decode and discuss different thinking paths for structuring humoristic brand communications ideas which make people laugh. Providing insights and valuable input about something contagious, but not at all dangerous (most of the time): LAUGHTER. Aka the best medicine. Hopefully finding yourself laughing a bit as well along the way.

Mind Initiatives & IAA (International Advertising Association) invite you to a Zoom meeting.


When: Jul 23, 2020 05:30 PM Dubai 

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