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In a world under lockdown, people are watching how brands respond. Important considerations must be made: from aligning corporate and social missions, to communicating with the right sensitivity, tone, and timing. Digital marketing has become more important than ever for brands to reach their audience. Marketers must react fast to maximize ROIs amidst consumer disruption. Re:Brand will leverage expert insights to tackle questions like:

  • How can brands manage the current crisis, and emerge as social and profitable leaders?

  • How can digital marketers quickly adapt their strategy to achieve better results?

Top thinkers including Rich Pierson, the Co-founder & CEO of Headspace and Arjan Dijk, the CMO of will lead the way.

IAA will be hosting a breakout session at 5.10 CEST: The Power of Communities.

Community is in human nature. Now, more than ever, we are turning to our virtual communities. Our speakers will examine this from a personal, professional & brand perspective. The speakers are:

Fredrik Borestrom, President IAA UK and Head of Agency, International at LinkedIn