DigiAsia 2022

Registration: https://www.accupass.com/event/2209220759229585362760 (Please tick off the IAA column for 100 FREE tickets).

Website: http://digiasia.org.tw.

DigiAsia, an AFAA authorised Asian Digital Congress permanently conducted at TAIPEI since 2014
DigiAsia is a bi-annual, international digital marketing conference authorized by AFAA (Asian Federation of Advertising Associations) and organised by TAAA (Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies) with together IAA Chinese Taipei Chapter and other MarComm associations permanently at Taipei since 2014. It has assembled respectful representatives from digitech companies, marketing agencies, advertisers, digital specialists, technology start-up, gaming & entertainment industries, and media/publishers with also inviting AFAA members from 14 Asian countries participating together to share, learn, and celebrate digital excellence from Taiwan as well as Asia.

The 5th DigiAsia 2022 themed as "WEB3 RHAPSODY" to take place on NOVEMBER 17 (Thu)-19 (Sat), 2022
The theme of DigiAsia 2022 - "Web3 Rhapsody" aims to showcase the dynamic and diversified Asian innovations of Web3 such as metaverse, AR/VR, Crypto Economy, NFT and immersed entertainment through speeches, forums, O2O exhibition, NFT bazaar and site visit experiences. Top speakers from all over the world will share their showcases and inspirations of Web3 in Brand Marketing, Creative, Media, Technology, Data Marketing and further application to business. Moreover, DigiAsia will be hybrid and live on the EXPERIENCE HALL online so that participants around the world can join freely.

The "IAA WHAT'S COMING NEXT?" session with IAA World Congress roadshow and CNN lecture supported by IAA
The IAA x AFAA strategic aliment will be extended into each DigiAsia starting 2022 with the session of "IAA What's Coming Next?" It will be on the second day of 18th, Nov (Fri) right after lunch break with both of the roadshow presentation of "IAA World Congress 2024 Penang" and lecture from CNN supported by IAA Global and IAA APAC. More lectures will be expected for the following DigiAsia afterwards.

DigiAsia 2022 will offer 100 COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS FREE for the IAA members around the world
With complementary to the IAA collaboration, DigiAsia will offer 100 FREE TICKETS for the IAA members globally. Welcome to join the "Web3 Rhapsody" and REGISTER NOW! https://www.accupass.com/go/digiasia2022EN For more information about DigiAsia 2022, please visit: http://digiasia.org.tw and reference: https://youtu.be/4l_bHAagnXw.