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Why you can’t miss this course

  • Taught personally by the world’s leading expert, you will learn the critical mindset and optimal steps for transforming your business in the post-COVID world
  • You will also learn how to continuously re-imagine the boundaries of your business for ongoing relevance, high growth and strong customer attachment
  • You will generate immediately actionable insights regarding new market opportunities and how to fully harness the collective creativity of your team

Who should attend?

  • Are you a business leader or member of a management team seeking to transform your business and identify new growth opportunities?
  • Are you part of an executive team and want to instill a future-shaper mindset in your organization?
  • Are you a business consultant, coach, advisor or trainer and want to help your clients transform?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then you and your colleagues can’t afford to miss this course.

Meet your Master Facilitator

Gabor George Burt is the originator of the Slingshot Framework, top Blue Ocean Strategy expert, global authority on creative business transformation and re-imagining market boundaries. Blue Ocean Strategy is considered the most influential business leadership concept of the new millennium, inspiring companies to break away from competition. Gabor’s Slingshot Framework is the practical guide to creating blue oceans and re-imagining market boundaries – both of which are critical knowhow for turning the current crisis into opportunity.

On average, companies applying the Slingshot Framework increase their growth rate by 300%.

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How is the course structured?

  • Online Masterclass: 2-part, 3-hour online class led personally by Gabor, with 20-minute break in the middle
  • Application Symposium: A 1-hour review and open Q&A session led personally by Gabor - to be scheduled 1-month following the Masterclass course - whose focus is the practical application of the concepts learned
  • Certification Exam: Online exam for each participant following the Application Symposium

1) Online Masterclass: Structure, Modules and Syllabus

Module A: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Note - the content of the 3 modules will be blended together for optimal learning

In this module, Gabor reveals the optimal mindset and step by step approach you can immediately adopt to manage the current crisis and be among the future-shapers:

Topics and Takeaways include:

  • Viewing current crisis as extreme disruption
  • Embracing ‘perpetual crisis’ mindset, understanding that disruption is constant
  • Harnessing creativity as your organization’s critical resource for finding new opportunities during and after this crisis
  • Adopting a process to systematically focus your creative thinking on what customers need and want the most – The Slingshot Framework
  • Using this process to identify new market opportunities while minimizing resources/cutting costs, and keeping your staff engaged and motivated
  • Taking advantage of the crisis to strengthen your customer relationships, community outreach, and to revitalize your company’s value proposition

Module B: Slingshot Framework Overview

In this module, Gabor introduces the principal concepts of the Slingshot Framework – the frontline method for re-imagining market boundaries, creative strategy formation and customer-centric innovation. During this section, you will learn the simple, intuitive, and highly powerful steps of the framework, putting you in an optimal position to prosper in the new environment created by the crisis

Topics and Takeaways include:

  • You will generate immediately actionable insights for revitalizing your business and identifying new market spaces of customer relevance & high growth in face of the crisis
  • You will understand how to systematically harness creativity as your organization's fuel for propelling its ongoing success during and after the crisis
  • You will stretch the definition of your business to discover new markets of high relevance and impact
  • You will know how to transform the weakest points of your customers’ experience into the strongest, and aim beyond satisfying your customers - by keeping them continuously infatuated
  • You will embrace the ‘Innovation Shortcut’, by unlocking powerful combinations of already existing components that lead to boundary-breaking, new customer value

Module C: Slingshot Framework Application

In this module, participants have the opportunity to immediately apply the core drivers of the Slingshot Framework and principles learned to their own business. You will be presented with exercise questions that will enable you to apply the key concepts to transform the current crisis into opportunity for your business :

Topics and Takeaways include:

  • Identifying new customer ‘Pain Points’
  • Expanding your firm’s value proposition
  • Discovering new ‘intersectional‘ market spaces of high growth
  • Added together, the 3 modules ensure both a mindset shift and practical understanding of the core Slingshot Framework principles and how to leverage them to successfully re-imagine the boundaries of your business.

2) Application Symposium

One month following the Master Class (8th Jan ‘21), Gabor will host a 60-minute Application Symposium. This companion online event will give participants the opportunity to review key concepts, ask questions, and share experiences with other participants regarding the practical application of the Slingshot Framework.

3) Certification Exam

Following the Application Symposium, all registered participants will be able to take the Slingshot Certification exam online. The exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Participants pass the exam and receive certification by answering at least 15 of the questions correctly.

How do I get the Certification?

  • By attending both the Master Class and the Application Symposium
  • By reading the Slingshot ebook, which you will receive as your personal reference guide
  • By passing the exam

How and when will the Course be Conducted?

The Course will be conducted online via Zoom platform. The format will be that of an actual classroom lecture where our Master Facilitator will be the instructor and participants can listen, watch, take notes, take part in exercises, and respond to or ask questions. We will have a team of moderators running the class and assisting you with whatever you need.

As we expect a truly global audience, we have picked a date and time that can be as convenient as possible for you to attend, regardless of where you are:

The Course will be conducted on 4th Dec, 9 a.m. New York/ 2 p.m. London/ 6 p.m. Dubai/ 7:30 p.m. India.

20th Nov

Free Q & A Webinar

27th Nov

Deadline for registration

4th Dec

The 3- Hour Online
Master Class

7th Dec

Get Slingshot E-Book Copy

8th Jan ‘21

Application Symposium

22th January ‘21

Certification Exam
(Last date to take exam)

So, what is the BIG deal?

As a participant and certification holder:

  • You will learn the core principles of the frontline business transformation framework directly from its globally renowned creator, Gabor George Burt
  • You will be able to apply the concepts learned immediately to their own firms, as a way of optimally repositioning them for success in the post-Covid environment
  • You will be able to start offering Slingshot-based services to their clients, thereby expanding their market distinction and revenue generation, as well as joining the global Slingshot network
  • You benefit from highly favorable pricing and exclusive access to Gabor - as members of IAA
  • You will receive complementary IAA membership for the first year, in case you are not already a member

What do I get?

Included in the Certification Package

  • Certification Master Class - 3-hour, interactive online class led personally by Gabor. entitled: Slingshot: Re-Imagining Business Boundaries for the Post-Covid World.
  • Application Symposium - 60-minute, online Q&A session led personally by Gabor. To be held on 8th Jan ‘21. The purpose of the class is for participants to be able to ask questions and get responses directly from Gabor related to the application of the Slingshot Framework
  • Slingshot E-Book - Each participant receives an e-copy of Gabor's only privately available book 'Slingshot' - which is the step by step guide for re-imagining business and personal boundaries and therefore the ideal reference guide for the current period.
  • Certification Badge - Each participant receives an electronic badge upon completion, which can be displayed on social media pages, website or email signatures
  • Access to Slingshot Network - After class completion, participants can propose Slingshot-based services to their clients. The Slingshot Network supports client proposal formulation and project delivery, paving the way for high-caliber, high-revenue projects and for participants becoming Slingshot Network Practitioners
  • $1,500 credit towards Slingshot client projects. Once the firm of program graduates offers Slingshot-based services to its clients and requests the involvement of the Slingshot Network, the first $1,500 of the client project fee due to the network is retained by the firm. This enables participating firms to fully recover their investment in the certification program.
  • Free membership in IAA - For non-members, participating in the program includes first year of IAA membership for free, normally $200 per annum. See the great benefits of membership here

Attend FREE live session

Join us for a free Q&A Session on 20th Nov, 9 a.m. New York/ 2 p.m. London/ 6 p.m. Dubai/ 7:30 p.m. India with Gabor, where you can get in-depth answers to any questions you may have about the IAA Slingshot Course and why it will be a ‘can’t miss’ event for you and your colleagues

Hurry Up! Limited spots available

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What does it cost?

We are delighted to offer you highly discounted pricing compared to Gabor’s standard teaching fees, and to offer you the choice of attending as a single person or as a group of colleagues

Individual Ticket Team Ticket
This is best suited for business consultants/ trainers who wish to obtain the Certification to offer their services based on the Slingshot framework to their client network Admits up to 6 Team Members. This is best suited for business leaders/ management teams who seek to transform their business and scout for new ideas & opportunities
IAA Member Special Price: $800 $300 IAA Member Special Price: $3,600 $1,500*
Non-IAA Member Price: $800 $400 Non-IAA Member Price: $3,600 $1,700

*At least one person in the team must be an IAA Member

Endorsement by Global Executive Director of IAA

"Acting on IAA’s commitment to be the Global Compass for the MARCOM industry, IAA’s mission in response to the COVID-19 crisis is to provide our members and extended community with the best global, practical expertise to navigate the new normal.

I am delighted to say that our strategic partnership with Gabor and The Slingshot Group puts us in prime position to do exactly that. I highly encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity. By participating in the Slingshot-IAA Certification Program, you and your firm will be in position to quickly rebound and prosper in the wake of the current crisis"

Dagmara Szulce--
IAA Global Executive Director

How and When do I Register?

When do I register:

The official registration deadline is 20th November. However space is limited, and we encourage you to register as soon as possible to reserve your spot and those of your colleagues.

How do I Register:

  • Click on the “Register” button below to begin the registration process
  • If you are an IAA Member, specify your chapter. Else select “Not an IAA Member”
  • Select the type of pass you want to secure- Individual Ticket or Team Ticket
    (For Team Ticket, each team will have a Captain who will be the leader. The team Captain can designate up to 5 other Team members)
  • Make Payment via secure payment gateway- PayPal
  • Receive joining information for the course session once you complete the payment

Enroll today & begin your transformational journey!


On average, companies applying the Slingshot Framework increase their growth rate by 300%

Take the Innovation shortcut- minimize your resource need and maximize your market impact

IAA Slingshot Course will be a ‘can’t miss’ event for you and your colleagues. Enroll today & begin your transformational journey!

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