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Pawel Kowalewski

Vice President/Area Director, Europe

Artist and businessman, Pawel studied painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where he received a diploma with distinction from famous Stefan Gierowski’s workshop. He is now an established lecturer in the Design Department of the Academy and currently holds a habilitated doctorate. Even during his studies Pawel was heavily involved in the development of the independent art scene. The beginning of his career was defined by his work with Gruppa (the most important art formation of the 20th century in Poland), whose crowning moment was their participation in the Documenta exhibition in Kassel in 1987 and many other exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. Giving up painting in 1992, he concentrated on interdisciplinary and performance work at the time of the Fin de siècle cycle of works.

From the beginning of his creative path Paweł Kowalewski developed the concept of “personal art that is private” which was strongly connected to the artist’s own life, but which also referred to problems which the general viewer may face in a universal context. Also an important element of the Paweł Kowalewski’s work is the political dimension, which over time became the axis of his program (Mon cheri Bolscheviq or Zdzicho jumps every night with a bottle of petrol, cycle NOT ALLOWED!, Totalitarianism Simulator and Strength and Beauty).

His artistic career seems even more impressing, since he is a successful businessman. Establishing one of the first advertising agencies on Polish market in 1991, he became a pioneer of Polish advertising. Today, Communication Unlimited enjoys stable position of a leading company in the industry, awarded and appreciated by clients. In the meantime, Paweł has been nominated for member of the IAA Global Board in 2009 and later Vice President for Europe, currently running in his second term. It was Pawel who initiated the self-regulatory body for advertising in Poland - Rada Reklamy (Advertising Council).

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