The Case for Advertising.

Advertising. Your Right To Choose.


Background and History


As the only global partnership of advertisers, agencies, media and communications services, the IAA is able to speak with one voice on behalf of our members and the industry. The IAA has undertaken large pro-bono communications programs before – most notably “Hopenhagen” – the IAA’s climate change initiative for the United Nations COP 15, which was the largest ever initiative of its kind.


The new IAA “Case For Advertising” campaign focuses on many of the core benefits that are deeply rooted in marketing communications – that advertising promotes choice; educates; informs; encourages innovation; creates jobs; supports the arts, entertainment and sports; and contributes to the costs of providing news and information.


The campaign focus is for consumers and governments to understand the value of advertising in its many forms, including sponsored content. It comes at a time when the ad industry is under ever greater scrutiny by governments and policy makers and often on the defensive.


What advertising provides - over and above any specific product or service – is choice. To express that core concept the IAA developed the central theme for the campaign:


Advertising. Your Right To Choose.


Current Campaign


  • To obtain The Case for Advertising 2014 booklet, international A4 version, please click here
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