The International Advertising Association (IAA), headquartered in New York, was founded in 1938 to champion responsible marketing.

The IAA, with members in over 40 countries, is a one-of-a-kind global partnership comprising advertisers, media, advertising and public relations agencies, media companies, and academics. 

The IAA is a platform for industry issues and is dedicated to protecting and advancing freedom of commercial speech, responsible advertising, consumer choice, and the education of marketing professionals. 

The International Advertising Association has never been more relevant. With so many changes in the way we use advertising to communicate, it's important for everyone in the industry to have a trusted body they can turn to for advice and support.


The IAA's mission include

  • Promoting the critical role and benefits of advertising as a vital force behind all healthy economies and the foundation of diverse, independent media.
  • Providing a forum to debate emerging professional marketing communications users and their consequences in the fast changing world environment.
  • Promoting brand building, protecting and advancing the freedom of commercial speech and consumer choice.
  • Encouraging greater practice and acceptance of advertising self-regulation.
  • Taking the lead in state-of-the-art professional development through education and training for the marketing communications industry.


Taken together our mission themes combine naturally to define the benefits valued by the IAA's three separate constituencies

  • Corporate members

  • Individual members

  • Chapters
The IAA's separate role:
  • For Corporate members: attack barriers to free commercial speech and independent media where they exist, and defend the freedoms already in place.
  • For Individual members: develop all aspects of the forum, including networking, which help individuals advance professionally in their communications careers.
  • For Chapters: provide the focus for development of the Chapter's strategic positioning, plus provide the basis for Chapter programs and events.
The dynamic which unites the three separate constituencies is that they all aim to be successful brand builders. These are exceptional communications professionals. They are the substance of the International Advertising Association, which in the future will be acclaimed as the champion for the freedom of responsible commercial speech, and admired for its insights, innovation and leadership.

What we do for the international advertising industry

  • Fight unwarranted regulation
  • Promote freedom of commercial speech
  • Champion advertising as a growth engine of free market societies
  • Encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise amongst marketing peers around the world
  • Support self-regulation and provide an exchange of information and best practices
  • Provide professional development through education and training
  • Create industry forums that tackle issues with a single global voice
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