About The IAA

Who are we?

The International Advertising Association is a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership which champions the common interests of all the disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications - from advertisers to media companies to agencies to direct marketing firms - as well as individual practitioners

The IAA has become a brand champion, because all elements which create a brand’s reputation require the freedom to flourish without unwarranted restrictions

We have an established history, having been founded in 1938

We have an unprecedented international network in over 76 countries

We have over 3,000 individual members across corporate, marketing services, organizational and academic sectors – all involved in the branding, communications and marketing disciplines


Our unique membership

Our membership is diverse – comprising of individual members from across the communications value chain:
Corporate sector

Organizational/association sector

Agency sector, including media

Academic sector

What we offer our members?

  • A platform for industry issues – you’ll learn about the latest industry issues and trends through our publications and events
  • Networking opportunities – are you doing business overseas? Do you need contacts or introductions? The IAA can help
  • Education platform – the IAA has been running its accreditation program for over 20 years now. Thousands of students have graduated with the IAA's Certificate in Marketing Communications, through our 57 accredited institutes. The Certificate provides a sound platform for future careers in the marketing, branding and communications industry.

How we differ from other associations?

  • We are a truly global community – no other association is as international in scale with a grass roots representation in over 76 countries
  • Multi-discipline membership - no other association is as inclusive of all the disciplines involved in brand building, from corporates and associations, to educators and marketing services providers.

Areas we are leaders in:

  • Advocacy - defend commercial free speech; fight unwarranted regulation; support freedom of choice and informed decision making; emphasize economic importance of marketing activities
  • Advertising self-regulation - support existing structures; encourage the establishment of new mechanisms; provide for an exchange of information and best practices; promote self regulatory structures to governments
  • Professional development - take the lead in state-of-art professional development through education and training for the marketing communications industry of tomorrow
  • Industry forums - exchange of views on emerging policy issues and trends affecting the industry; provide a single, global voice for all aspects of brand building on proposed legislation/regulation; develop platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue; promote and facilitate excellence in the communications industry.

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